Thank you Dr. Jamie I have easily changed and am still changing my entire life to be exactly what I want with recommendations from you one step at a time. I have lost approximately 80 lbs and gained self-respect, self-confidence, energy, health and a new start in life. I am able to utilize the incredibly simple yet profound knowledge that I have received from you to assist my members at curves in leading healthier, more meaningful lives as well. I am Thankful to you for giving me my life back! Jo Johnson jojohnsonabc(at)

Anyone who is serious about living in freedom and total health must read this book now. Dr. Jamie's insights are powerful and easy to follow. In a time when the limitations of your body and disease are so rampant in our society, the key is a fresh new look at the real problems and more vitally, the solutions. Dr. Jamie's book delivers! --
John Assaraf - NYT and Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author

Peter Divinyi, MD

Dr. Jamie, I read it through the whole night (mean literally) and my inner knowing told that it was perhaps one of the most important books I've ever read. The thoughts in it resonated deeply in my being with all what I knew, guessed and felt related to health and cure and care.

I am a Hungarian MD, 48 years old, a used-to-be surgeon for 13 years. During the whole night I read with joy and cheer the "Manual" I felt it has been written and told by my spiritual "brother".

I recognized the ideas, some of them I discussed with many of my friends openly, some of them I guessed and some of them were not even put into shape in my thoughts. But all of them were as good old friends, some seen yesterday some ages ago. As I finished the book at about 5 a.m.

Finally this inner voice told me that I have to search on finding out what health is and how can I contribute to my brethren's health without cutting them apart and trying to put them together again. So thanks a lot for your gift, the precious script and for making it accessible. Best wishes for You and all Your Loved
Peter Divinyi, MD divinyi.peter (at)

I was fortunate enough to be able to read Dr. Jamie Fettig's book electronically. As a conventional and alternative Health care provider, I would like to recommend that this book is made available to the whole Planet Earth and that you will promote it. This is a very seriously needed and open-minded book This book is a very amazing work of facts not known to most people. Unless Mankind changes its consciousness as described in this book "The Creators Manual for Your Body" people will remain ill and very miserable which is not at all necessary. I would recommend 5 Stars in Gold for this GREAT Book. - Thank you Munawaroh English - Australia

Want a better relationship to your health? - READ THIS BOOK!
Be ready to alter your relationship to "health" both as a concept and a pathway for action. Reading this book and putting the ideas into practice will have you back in control of your own health and well being. It's great!

Dani Gallet danigallet (at)


Hi Jamie
I want to tell you that I really liked your book! You have a unique writing style and as always your way of simplifying the things everyone else tries to make so complex is wonderful. I am recommending it and giving it to several of my loved ones. -- Dustin Sulak - Med Student

The most important book about your health and well-being, March 25, 2005 Reviewer: Heidi Indrawan (Indonesia) - See all my reviews With all of the books lately about new fad diets, new approaches for health, etc... this is the ONLY book I have read that truly makes sense. Dr. Fettig has simplified for everyone the 100% effective method for living,feeling, and being our very best. For anyone who wants to be free of dependence upon the medical system and is ready to learn how easy it is to be well on our own, this book is a MUST READ! I think if everyone in the world were to read this, we would be much better off. Heidi Indrawan, RN, CMT, BNH

Creating healthy change, The Creators Manual for your Body is a well rounded introduction to being at one with the harmonious flow of the universe. It is written with pure elegance yet very simple for all people to readily understand. I truly enjoyed the book and feel it has so much vast importance that I have also made several purchases for family,friends,and patients. I give this book and the author immense credibility in the truth that surrounds our health care systems today. I strongly suggest this book to all people.
Sommer Pelas "sunshiner"



This is a wonderful book that is easy to read and helps you get your health and life back on track once you are committed to doing so. - Lori Johnson

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Hello, my name is Dr. Jamie and the title of my e-book is
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Are you eating food that are making you fat? – pg 52
Do you believe one of these 10 healthy Eating myths – pg 53

  1. Eating Cholesterol does not increase your cholesterol levels
2. Salt does NOT cause High Blood Pressure
3. Eating Fat does NOT make you fat
4. All refined carbohydrates are hazardous to you
5. Artificial sweeteners of all kinds are not good for you
6. The Food Pyramid that most of us know is wrong
7. The Governments Height to Weight ratio guidelines are mostly wrong
8. All vitamins and supplements are NOT created equal
9. Eating Meat is Not bad for
10. Dairy Products are not a good source of calcium and can be bad for you.

How to safely lower your cholesterol 50-100 points or more in weeks – pg 56
The difference between average and normal and how it can help you eat healthy– pg 57
Why you should take all the numbers the doctors give you with a grain of salt – pg 59
How you can have a cholesterol level over 300 and be healthy – pg 59
Where the lie of salt causing high blood pressure comes from – pg 59
Why diuretics do nothing long term to help lower your blood pressure – pg 60
Fat does not make you fat & The Right fat actually makes you thin – pg 60
Essential fatty acids – found in fat – are essential to you being healthy – pg 61

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Being this is not about getting less fat cells – it is about making them smaller – pg 61  
There are two big reasons why refined carbs and sugar are essentially bad and make you fat – pg 62
What makes refined carbs so bad anyway – pg 62
What makes vitamins and minerals so important – pg 62
What causes you to feel tired and lethargic in the afternoon and the simple free solutions to it – pg 63
Eliminate type 2 diabetes high sugar levels with these 3 easy words – pg 63
All artificial sweeteners are hazardous to your health and the shocking truth why – pg 64
Why given time all artificial sweeteners will be proven to be bad for your health – pg 64
The government height to weight ratios are wrong and how you can use this to eat healthy– pg 64
Is your vitamin C complete or just an empty shell? – pg 66
Are your supplements providing you with everything you need to digest them? – pg 66
Why what works for some will not work for everyone – pg 67
If the old food pyramid is wrong, how long before the new pyramid is shown to be wrong as well? – know what is best for YOU – pg 67
Meat is not necessarily bad for you and how they can be some of the most healthy food. – pg 67
Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to your heart health – and the few places you can actually get them – pg 68
Learn the best source of omega 3 fatty acids – and it isn’t fish oils or flaxseed oils either – pg 68
Why dairy is one of the worst sources of Calcium – pg 69
Why pasteurized dairy products are so bad for you – pg 69
What Dairy products are some of the healthiest food for you – pg 69
Diet food really does stink and great tasting food to help be your ideal weight – pg 71
Artificially fat free food makes you fat - Pg 72
Fat doesn’t make you fat and the food that will – pg 72
Do you believe the lie that junk food is not that bad? – pg 74
The one thing that being overweight boils down to – pg 83
How toxins are often making you fat and the easiest way to get rid of them – pg 83
You cannot actually lose fat cells – you will only make them smaller – pg 84
How to tell if you have stored emotional baggage keeping you from eating healthy and how to easily let it go – pg 84
The difference between emotions and feelings and how to use them to eat healthy – pg 85
The hidden benefits that may be keeping you from eating healthy – pg 86
Exercising too hard can actually cause you to gain weight and what level is too much – pg 87
Being overweight may be serving other purposes and how to get rid of them – pg 86
Are You familiar with the benefits you get from NOT being healthy – page 91
The illusions of the Medical Symptoms and Disease Care System we all want to believe – page 94
Twenty one things you are giving up to be sick – page 94
The price you are paying (21 of them) to NOT Be well – page 94
How to live your life full of zest and vitality – page 94
Immediate gratification and how it gets in your way – page 95
The number one reason to be healthy – page 95
The secret of living to 120 years old – page 95
Why your body is the perfect machine – page 95
Why your health is your number 1 priority – page 95
How to eliminate being uncomfortable in your body – page 95
You are giving your life for each moment – Are you spending it wisely? – page 96
Why you don’t not have enough time – page 96
Treating Symptoms and Disease doesn’t work. You must look for the contributing factors to your problems, and there are more than one – page 98
What predicting the weather has to do with your health – page 98
How to get your world to come alive – pg 101
How listening to your inner knowing will give you freedom – pg 102
How to make all choices in life with incredible ease and simplicity – pg 102
Would you take your car to a mechanic who knows less than 1% about your car? When You are doing this with your body – pg 103
Are you trusting your health to a doctor who knows less than 1% about hor your body works? – pg 104
Are you making decisions in your life based on less than 1% of all available information? – pg 104
Make decisions based on 100% knowledge in minutes and seconds instead of weeks, months or even years. – pg 106
Learn how to more easily hear and follow your inner knowing – pg 107
How not knowing your target almost guarantees your failure – pg 109
Why goals are better written in Sand than stone – pg 110
Why SMART goals are not so smart – pg 112
6 things you can do for free to dramatically improve your health – pg 115
How believing health is complicated can make you dead – pg 116
The hidden resistance to being healthy exposed and eliminated – pg 120
The simple view of health that makes your life easier – pg 120
The biggest gold mine to your success in health – pg 120
The one simple free step that makes you life easier than it is – pg 121
Do you know what to listen for when God is talking to you? – pg 121
Your body knows what to do but why isn’t it listening? – pg 121
4 simple ways to increase communication and why you need this key to heal – pg 125
You are constantly creating, you just may not know how – pg 126
Why sleeping may not be enough – pg 127
What a 2 year old needing a nap can teach you – pg 128
Are you breathing air that doesn’t have enough oxygen – pg 131
Why breathing properly will prevent the sewer system of your body from backing up – pg 131
3 reasons why deep full breaths of air are so important – pg 131
How breathing allow your body to find what is wrong and fix it – like a self check – pg 132
If you don’t know what the problem is you cannot fix it – pg 132
How 10 deep breaths a day can make you smarter – pg 132
How breathing deeply can give you more energy instantly – pg 132
Balance your emotions through breathing properly – pg 132
Why no one diet is right for everyone – pg 133
Why everyone and their diet advice is right – just not maybe for you – pg 134
The two simple guidelines that make eating healthy simple and easy for everyone – pg 134
How to make health food cheaper than junk food – pg 135
The single biggest reason why eating healthy is worth it – pg 137
How to actually save time by eating healthy – pg 138
The most important nutrient in food and it isn’t: Vitamins, minerals enzymes, fat, protein or carbs – pg 139
What types of sugar is good and what types are bad – pg 141
The difference between good carbs and bad carbs and what foods are which – pg 141
The two biggest reasons carbs and sugar s are so bad for you – pg 144
The unknown cause of high cholesterol and heart disease and the simple solution you can do at home for free to reduce them both – pg 145
Type 2 diabetes and the simple solution that often cures it – pg 145
Is organic food really better – pg 146
How the FDA may be poisoning you without even knowing it – pg 146
How the pasteurization process is killing more than bacteria – it may be killing you – pg 147
Why most fish is a horrible source of essential omega 3 fatty acids – pg 152
The only source of healthy meet in America – pg 153
Are you eating meat from one of these safe sources? – pg 156
2 simple guidelines to make dieting and eating healthy easy – pg 156
Everyone is different and how to know how much water you should drink – pg 157
How to easily drink the water you should drink each day – pg 157
Is the water you are drinking actually count as water your body can use – pg 158
What type of water is best for you and why – pg 160
2 big reasons to help motivate you to drink more water – pg 162
Do you get the winter blues? A simple $10 solution to make you happy, even in the winter – pg 164
The simple free solution to getting enough Vitamin D
How the sun actually helps prevent skin cancer – pg 164
How sun block can be more dangerous than the sun – pg 165
The real cause of cataracts isn’t the sun and what is – pg 166
What are the two forms of activity everyone including you should do – and it is not cardio and strength training – pg 167
The one exercise that will do more for your health than any other and it is easy – pg 167
How to figure out what is the best form of physical activity for you – pg 167
How long and how often should you exercise – pg 167
No matter how much you exercise you are probably missing this essential form of activity – pg 168
The one simple thing you can do that is free to make everything in your life more effective – pg 169
How to experience peace and serenity in all situations of life – pg 170
How to exponentially add to your health with small simple steps – pg 170
How adding to your health can help you body heal anything – pg 171
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Essentials of Eating Healthy e-Course
This course offers you the Freedom from the limitations and constraints shackled to you by your body to be your ideal weight.

Lessons are delivered via e-mail.
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This is a must read! This is an amazing, enlightening book for the whole
Amy Calvanese amy(at)


A "must read" for anyone who has ever considered following a medical doctors advice. Monica Watkins

Meaty, juicy information delivered in a simple way. Although it resonates truth, And even though it is simple, it's hard to believe it could be so simple. -- Adrienne Matt


I finished your wonderful book and wanted to tell you how much I loved it. Your book makes so much sense and it is very simple to follow. Please continue to write, you are really quite good!!! I can't wait till your next book is finished so I can read that. Thank you for making it so simple to read and also very enjoyable. I will order this book for my friends and family for birthdays, and hope they will all love it as much as I do.. Please let me know when your other books are ready, I will be first in line to get them. Keep writing.....I believe you have a voice people need to hear. Sincerely, -- Doris Reller

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to feel good now and forever!
Carrie Fitzsimmons

carriefitzsimmons (at)


Derek H. Spark, M.D. CBP Sylmar, CA
818-367-9045 sparkle14(at)

Dear Dr. Jamie This is to let you know how much I enjoyed your new book "The Creator's Manual For Your Body", an extremely apt and truthful title. And I like the way you remind readers repeatedly that everyone is different, and that you are completely unafraid to talk about god in a simple and straightforward way.

Your approach is deep and thorough, your material well researched and you give copious references. Your writing style is enthusiastic and you impart your wisdom in a frankly inspiring manner. Each chapter is patiently, gently and well thought out, with superb analogues and illustrative stories.

Your disclaimer is unique and unusual, indicating you are not afraid to take on the powers that be. I like your application of quantum physics, and your emphasis on consciousness.

Your book is especially helpful in providing explicit instructions as to how anyone can accomplish wellness and health, if they so choose. Having devoted my life to the traditional medical profession I accept your assessment as quite valid.

Most sincerely, --
Derek Spark, MD

I have read dozens of books about health, nutrition and exercise and still had not found one I could put into use and live with. Dr. Jamie's book is a refreshing change. It proposes a simple plan that brought me certainty where there was confusion, and is easy to stay with. Dave
Dave (at)

Hello Dr. Jamie Fettig,

Just like to let you know that yesterday I finished reading your book and I really like it very much you did a great work, I admire it.

It is not my first book on health but is one of the best.

I definitely like your ideas and the facts about the medical establishment. It is a shame but who has the big money has the power.

I am 67 and still in good shape, thanks this kind of information I started to get about 15 years ago. I am practicing prevention, adding to my health and it works well and I'll be able to improve it thanks your book. It's for me a great motivation.

I purchased two books and gave one to my daughter as a birthday present. She is a certified massage therapist practicing Ayurveda medicine and doesn't go like me to the establishment doctors. I am sure she'll like it too. I also gave your Web site address to one of my neighbors and she will order two books there. Thanks again.

Best regards, Tony Dvorak Antonin Dvorak
notna72000 (at)

Dr. Jamie deserves 5 stars for the courage to buck the powerful medical juggernaut. What this book has to say will give anyone a new perspective on health. It clearly shows the current situation, which is challenging enough. In the near future, Europe will require vitamins and supplements to be prescribed. The USA will not be far behind. The issue is not your health -- look to the money!

Daniel R. Hardt "the numbersman"

Uncommon Wisdom
The author felt that he was divinely inspired to write this book and it shows. The book is really a very "common sense" approach to health and wellness. The problem is, what should be common sense to most of us has been buried and forgotten through modern medical practices and long held myths about how we approach our own personal health. This book cuts through much of the clutter of the "natural health" scene and makes it very obvious why everyone should be practicing "natural" health...because it's "natural". The way God (nature, whatever you choose to call it) intended it. The only way to true happiness and harmony in this life is through development of a deeper understanding of our own body, mind and spirit (exactly what every religious text has told us for thousands of years), and this book is a very good starting point to help you down that path. Good luck and enjoy! -- Kevin Jones